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For the past several years, IHA has entered the Hackensack Medical Center’s “Get it Together” Seatbelt Challenge. IHA’s success has been overwhelming, winning both the fall and spring challenge every year. More important is that the challenge has increased IHA students’ awareness of driving safety issues. As a result, IHA has formed a Traffic Safety Squad.
The group not only checks for seatbelt usage by drivers and passengers, it also checks for other driving or pedestrian violations. Students are part of a student-based patrol that will help promote safety. Their responsibilities include: Checking for seat belts, cell phone usage, pedestrian violations, speeding, disregarding signs, distribution of educational information to the IHA students, and PSA on WIHA. Checks are performed both before and after school.
For more information and to be a part of the project, e-mail moderators and physical education teachers, Mrs. Skjold, at or Ms. Just, at