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Summer Info/Assignments


If a sophomore, junior, or senior has technology issues with their existing IHA laptop, please email Mr. Angel Villalongo, coordinator of technology, at [email protected] to arrange an appointment for the laptop to be repaired or re-imaged.
Below is information for the Class of 2028 to purchase their new laptop computers:


The primary purpose of the IHA Summer Reading Program is to encourage students to read. It also provides students with a carefully selected list of books in several subject areas. These books are interesting, informative, and challenging. Students are free to select books from the list and to respond in a creative way. The IHA faculty has planned this program with the hope that students will have a rewarding and enjoyable experience and that they will grow in their love and appreciation of reading.


The below Summer Grammar Packet reviews certain prerequisite grammar skills that need to be mastered in order for students to be successful in their English classes at IHA. To review these topics and ensure readiness for the fall, the following packet has been designed to help students review/relearn. This packet is mandatory for all incoming freshmen, regardless of course level, and will be handed in on the first day of class in September.


The study of mathematics is a cumulative process where each new topic builds from students' prior knowledge. There are certain prerequisite math skills that need to be mastered in order for students to be successful in their next math class. To review these topics and ensure readiness for the fall math course, the Math Department has prepared the following review packets designed to help students review/relearn:
See teacher directly for summer assignments for AP Calculus AB/BC and AP Statistics.
Mu Alpha Theta, the Mathematics National Honor Society, will be offering tutoring over the summer for those who might need help completing the above Summer Math Assignments. Please click here to request a tutoring appointment.