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In celebration of Endangered Species Day, Mrs. Angela Holuba Roberts'05 AP Biology students put their creativity to work as they composed submissions for the Endangered Species Coalation's 3rd Annual Endangered Species Chalk Art event. The AP Bio students are in their final academic unit on Conservation Biology and Global Change, and are excited to be featuring a threatened or endangered species of their choosing in their chalk art to celebrate its beauty and to raise awareness for these organisms that are threatened with extinction. AP Biology students include Samantha McGee'24 (Siberian Tiger), Samantha Andersen'24 (Green Turtle), Alexandra Barry'24 (Orangutan), Alexandra Kucharz'24 (African Wild Dog), Ellie Kim'24 (Saola), Caitlin Carr'24 (Black Rhino), Meaghan Keating'24 (Galapagos Penguin), Lindsay Probst'24 (Hector's Dolphin), Madyson Ayers'24 (Chimpanzee), Karina Folwarski'24 (Snow Leopard), and Angelina Parrino'24 (Cross River Gorilla). Photos courtesy of Tara Hopfenspirger.