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IHA makes every effort to assist you with arranging transportation for those students whose towns do not provide busing. Rainbow Transportation presently provides our private transportation. Please note, parking privileges are extended to seniors (as a senior privilege) and faculty/staff members only.

Busing requests will be forwarded to your local school district. Please contact the Board of Education in your local school district for all transportation inquiries. In January of each year, a bus form and book form are mailed home to be returned by February 1.

There are three classifications of towns/districts for busing services:

1. EXEMPT TOWNS/DISTRICTS: Do not supply transportation or reimbursement. Any student wishing to be bussed may contact IHA's main office manager who, in turn, will contact a bus company.
2. REIMBURSED TOWNS/DISTRICTS: Do not supply transportation but will reimburse an amount specified by the state (usually approximately $1,000) to every student attending IHA. The family must complete a form every year for this reimbursement.

3. BUSING TOWNS/DISTRICTS: Contract with a bus company to transport resident students directly.

Click here to see a list of what category under which your town/district falls. Please note town busing is subject to change from year to year based on the individual school district.
For more information about transportation to and from IHA, please contact main office manager, Mrs. Kathleen DeRosa, at 201.445.6800, ext. 111.