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Christian Service


Students at Immaculate Heart Academy put their faith into action by serving their immediate community and ministering to people in need through interactive service opportunities. By participating in the IHA Christian Service Program, students apply their Catholic Christian values by practicing them in projects that expand the students’ awareness of God, others, and themselves.
Based on this call to action, IHA requires students to complete hours in two categories: Social Justice and Volunteerism.


All hours must be completed with a legitimate non-profit, and not at the service of family, neighbors, etc. All hours must be logged through students Mobile Serve accounts. Paper records will not be accepted. Students failing to complete the service requirement are not permitted to take final exams.

6 hours of Social Justice; 6 hours of volunteering
Sophomores: 8 hours of Social Justice; 8 hours of volunteering
Juniors: 10 hours of Social Justice; 10 hours of volunteering
Seniors: 12 hours of Social Justice; 12 hours of volunteering
Social Justice is described as responding to the Gospel call to minister to those truly in need of love, hope, and compassion. Students engage in this kind of service by directly serving the poor, sick, elderly, or those with special needs, face-to-face. Students are supported by a student-led Christian Service Board that helps to keep their peers on track.
Volunteering is defined by performing acts of supportive service to our immediate community. Students learn the value and importance of serving in the places they live, study, and worship. Volunteering includes serving your parish, the IHA community, your town, or a non-profit organization through events and activities that make a difference.
Students interested in social justice or volunteering beyond school requirements have the opportunity to get involved with CARE, a student life club that provides both Social Justice and Volunteerism initiatives. Additionally, a summer mission trip, Mission@theheart is held annually for students of all grades.
Please contact Mrs. Sarah Shutrop, director of formation, at for more information about IHA's Service Program.


The Service & Fundraising Policy is directed toward students, parents, faculty, alumnae, and non-profit organizations seeking to utilize the students or services of the IHA community for the purpose of serving or supporting a cause or effort. This also applies to all IHA clubs, organizations, and honor societies.
At this time, we cannot participate in outside fundraising for organizations that we are not currently involved with through the CARE program. However, in our desire to support causes, please utilize Mrs. Sarah Shutrop, director of formation, to create volunteer teams and opportunities to serve your organization on a one-time or ongoing basis. Our students are highly trained in running service events and are happy to help wherever they can. Email Mrs. Shutrop at
Please Note: due to the commitment levels of our students to ongoing causes, IHA is unable to accommodate every request for service or student volunteers.