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Physical Education

Physical Education (6115)
Students are physically active through movement and sport activities. The students develop an understanding of fitness and its five components. Freshmen concentrate on teamwork, sportsmanship, culture, movement skills, and rule knowledge. The freshmen health component introduces human sexuality and examines the consequences of substance abuse. 

Personal Fitness I (6100)

Students in the STEM program take this yearlong course. Students develop their personal fitness through learning scientific principles of human movement in practice. Students participate in STEM physical education lessons during the school day. In addition, they complete a personal exercise project comprised of independent physical activity as well as a written assignment, aligned with their personal fitness goals. Prerequisite – Enrollment in the STEM program.

Physical Education II (6215)
Students continue to be physically active through movement and sport activities. Sophomores focus on selected fitness topics and dance. The topics of circulation and respiration are incorporated as they relate to exercise science. Students are required to participate and complete thirty hours of Driver Education theory. This prepares them for the state examination as well as develops skills and attitudes to be applied to “behind the wheel” training.
Physical Education III/IV (6315)

This course provides students with an opportunity to understand the importance of fitness in their lifestyles while participating in vigorous activity and movement. The emphasis is to develop a personal fitness program for adulthood, and to develop skills and knowledge needed to participate in lifetime activities. Critical thinking and social and leadership skills are developed as students participate in cooperative games and non-traditional sports. The junior health component is instruction and certification in Adult CPR/AED. Senior health focuses on the topics of nutrition, substance abuse, and present day health issues. 

Personal Fitness III (6300)
Junior STEM students take this full-year hybrid course. Students are required to participate in approved physical activity outside of the classroom. Their approved physical activity is carefully aligned with the course objectives. Students participate in online discussions and meet assignment deadlines related to the physical activity they have chosen. One marking period is dedicated to American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED instruction and certification. Prerequisite – Enrollment in the STEM program.

Personal Fitness IV (6415)
This half-year hybrid course provides senior STEM students with an opportunity to examine and understand the STEM principles behind nutrition and physical fitness. Students are required again to participate in approved physical activities outside the classroom. Critical thinking, and social and leadership skills are emphasized. Students analyze the sustainability of organic vs. conventional food products in three areas: socio-economic, environmental/health, and social and economic equity. Students also develop personal fitness and meal plans needed to participate in lifetime activities. Additionally, students will discover and analyze the technological trends driving the fitness industry in order to assist them in leading a healthy lifestyle. Prerequisite – Enrollment in the STEM program.

Personal Trainer Certification (6515)
Students learn about the essentials of personal fitness training. They are introduced to the human movement system, the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model, and to basic exercise science, assessment, program design, nutrition, and client relations. Exercise technique and training instruction, as well as behavioral coaching and professional conduct are also covered. The NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification curriculum is used, which is academically rigorous. At the completion of the course, students can take the off-site certification exam; a passing grade enables students to work as personal trainers, or at college or private fitness centers. There is an additional fee for this course. Prerequisite – recommendation of the Director of Studies, or teacher approval.