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Our Mission & Beliefs


Our Mission

Immaculate Heart Academy is a college preparatory high school in the Archdiocese of Newark which has as its purpose the complete education of young women. By both cultivating the traditional Christian values of the Roman Catholic Church and by upholding exceptional academic standards, IHA offers a unique educational experience for the young women in our community. Immaculate Heart Academy strives to develop every aspect of the individual by educating the mind, nurturing the spirit, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. By instilling in its students a sense of responsibility, confidence, justice, peace, and compassion, Immaculate Heart Academy prepares its students for life throughout the twenty-first century.

Our Beliefs

Belief Statement 1: Quality Catholic Education
We believe that quality Catholic education for young women is education of the whole person and requires educational priorities which address their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs.
Belief Statement 2: Christian Community
We believe that we are a Christian community called to demonstrate in our day to day interaction values and attitudes which spring from our belief in God. Recognizing that Christian community is both gift and task, we believe that each individual must actively work to build Christian community and that prayer is fundamental to this process.
Belief Statement 3: Home-School Relationship
We believe that a school can be effective only with the support of parents, the primary educators of their children. Likewise, we believe that the school can and should assist parents in the education of their daughters.