Immaculate Heart Academy

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History & Alma Mater


IHA was founded in 1960 as the first regional high school for girls in the Archdiocese of Newark. Since its foundation, IHA has been blessed with the presence of dedicated religious sisters and many professional and enthusiastic lay faculty members.

From 1960-1989, the school was staffed by Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace and lay faculty. In 1989, the Sisters of St. Joseph resigned and were replaced in 1990 by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart. In a warm and respectful collaboration with lay faculty, the new community of sisters brought a spirit of optimism, hope, and enthusiasm. The Apostles if the Sacred Heart were re-assigned in June 2008 but have left an incredible mark on the school. Their spirit and the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph endure, driving the lay administration and staff to lead IHA into the next decades as one of the most outstanding Catholic girls’ schools in the nation.

IHA Alma Mater

Alma Mater

IHA we salute thee majestic and true
Fondly we greet thee your ideals pursue
You taught us in learning in wisdom in truth
Things we remember from days of our youth
When times will have passed and cares may o'ertake us
Then all that you stand for will never forsake us
There's none on this earth with you can compare
For you gave us a mem'ry faithful and fair.
So, lift up your voices so joyous and light
Let us all honor the blue and the white
We pledge thee allegiance until the end
And promise forever your name to defend
Let us go forward with courage to do
All that is noble and loyal and true
Long may your honor live on in our time
Alma Mater, O lead us to vict'ry sublime, to vict'ry sublime.