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Medical Admissions Requirements


Students accepting admission to Immaculate Heart Academy are responsible for meeting all state and school medical requirements. Please read more information about and print the Medical Admissions Requirements forms here. Click on the following for the 2022-23 Physical Examination Packet.
These requirements include:
  1. A documented copy of the student’s Immunization Record (due on date of registration). This may be obtained from your personal records of the immunizations, the student’s healthcare professional or the present school nurse and submitted to the IHA nurse on the date you register. Please note this is a state requirement. Further details on New Jersey’s immunization requirements are on Page 2.
  2. A release form is included (Page 5) for your daughter’s current school to release her official permanent immunization and medical records at the time she completes her course of study at that school.
  3. Additional Health/Medical Information form (due on Registration Day, if applicable to the student). Form is included on Page 4.
  4. An Annual Summer Physical Examination – completed after May 1 and before Labor Day. Original Physical Exam is due the first day of school. Click here for the 2022-23 Physical Examination Packet.
    Fall Athletes – completed between May 1 and August 1. Copy must be mailed or dropped off in the Main Office by August 1. Original Physical Exam is due the first day of school. Further details on page 3.
If you have any questions regarding the Medical Admissions Requirements of Immaculate Heart Academy, please call the school nurse, Mrs. Pat Conaton, with any questions or concerns at 201.445.6800, ext. 129.