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NHS Awards - Semester One

Congratulations to Dana Padilla’18 (Character), Tess Szydlik’18 (Service), Mary Moskowitz’18 (Scholarship), and Carly DePhillips’18 (Leadership).

As demonstrated through her involvement in the IHA community, Tess Szydlik’18, is the epitome of servant-hearted. Tess’ exemplary service efforts embody the mission of Immaculate Heart Academy and inspire each and every member of the sisterhood. As a member of the Christian Service Board and a frequent volunteer at Camp Acorn, in addition to countless other service efforts, Tess is constantly willing to spread her love to those who need it. Her incredible selflessness and generosity make her a well-deserving recipient of the first semester National Honor Society award for Service. 

Dana Padilla has an exceptional sense of character. She is incredibly dedicated to her studies and exemplifies the same sense of dedication in her efforts to spread kindness and positivity to those around her. Whether they are in her close circle of friends, or simply a classmate, Dana is always willing to extend her love and share her vivacious laugh everywhere she goes. It is with great pleasure that the National Honor Society awards Dana with the first semester award for Character.

Mary Moskowitz’18 is always ready to use her gifts of scholarship to help the entire IHA community. When she is not completing her own class work, Mary can often be found tutoring for NHS or helping a classmate. Mary puts in every effort to do well and participate in every class she takes at IHA. Her love of learning, combined with her passion for helping others, truly show what being an IHA student is all about. Mary’s hard work both in and out of the classroom inspires us all to be the best students we can be, which is why she is receiving the NHS award for scholarship for the first semester.

Through her leadership skills, Carly DePhillips’18 is a wonderful representative of the Class of 2018. Through her position as the class’ vice president, Carly is never afraid to share her ideas and passions, while always making sure that other students have equal opportunities to be heard. Carly never fails to use the leadership opportunities that are available to her in order to better the IHA community. Because of this, she is a model of the ways in which we should strive to use our own leadership positions, and is very deserving of the leadership award.