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Dr. Leonard Sax Speaks at IHA

Dr. Sax, a practicing family physician, discussed the three things parents must do to help their children become fulfilled adults: teach humility, enjoy the time spent with your child, and consider the true meaning of life.

Dr. Sax’s most recent book touches on a major shift that has occurred in American culture over the past thirty years—the transfer of authority from parents to children. On his website, Dr. Sax notes, “Children today often choose what’s for supper; they choose which social media they will engage; they often choose their bedtime and sometimes even their school. In the book, I show how these factors and related influences have led to children and teenagers being less resilient, less physically fit, and more likely to become anxious or depressed—and far more fragile—compared with kids from the same demographic thirty years ago.”

Dr. Sax is also the author of Girls on the Edge, Boys Adrift, and Why Gender Matters. Close to one hundred parents came to Immaculate Heart to hear his take on parenting today. Thank you, Dr. Sax, for spreading your wisdom with the IHA community! 

Click here to view IHA's video recording of the presentation. To view a PDF supplement to his presentation, please click here.