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College Fair at IHA - March 31


Please park in the parking lot near the gym and the multi-purpose room. You will be given a map of the schools that have RSVP’d and where they will be located in the gym. Please do not park on Van Emburgh Avenue as you will be towed.

Save Time with Mailing Labels:
Students will be invited to join the mailing lists at the colleges and universities in which they are interested. Before attending the fair, put your pertinent information on a mailing label and adhere it to the cards you'll find at the fair. Look over the card to see if there is any specific information your pre-completed information doesn't cover. Pertinent information includes: your name, mailing address, email address, high school name, high school city and state, year of graduation, intended major, and athletic interest/other interests.

Questions to Ask the College Representatives:
What sets your ________department apart from those at other colleges?
  • Many students will ask if particular programs - majors or minors - are offered at that college which can leave students looking unprepared. If you are uncertain, ask for a list of majors in their materials instead. If you find the program you're looking for, resist the urge to ask if the program is a strong one. Of course the admission counselor or alum thinks all of the programs are strong - they are invested in the school! Asking the question in a more particular way will give you more information about research opportunities and student/faculty interaction.
What does your Admission Committee value most in the application process?
  • Instead of asking about ever-changing average test scores and grade point averages that you can research elsewhere, inquiring about the application process will provide solid insight into the philosophy of the school and its community; you'll better understand what types of students they are looking for and thus, if the school is a good fit for you or not.
I am interested in _______major. Please tell me about the Coop/Intern/Job Placement options you have? What is the percentage of graduates getting a job?
  • The point (for most of you) in going to college is to be prepared for the real world and to gain employment. Having a degree in business is useless unless you are able to get practical experience in college. Colleges (and sometimes departments themselves) have their own Career Center which willhelp students find internships/coops prior to their graduation.

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