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2023 Children's Theatre - The Snow White Variety Show

Members of the Theatre Arts class, taught by Ms. Taryn Tonelli ’09, coordinator of the performing arts, and other IHA and St. Joseph Regional students told the story of the seven dwarves joining Real Talk with Fairytale Legends and telling what really happened to Snow White from their perspective. A masterclass in style, tone, and point of view, this fast-paced comedy mesmerizes audience members as its tone shifts from romantic, comedic, and suspenseful to mysterious, and more.

Special thanks to students from Academy of St. Paul, Ramsey, for attending the show. Congratulations to the cast and crew on a great performance:

Wordy - Shoshana Thompson ’25*
Nerdy - Lucyann Tappan ’25*
Rowdy - Lola Projahn ’25*
Howdy - Carson Bielen ’24
Weepy - Olivia Pantano ’25*
Creepy - Gabrielle Rivera ’26
Bob - Riley Ng-Knepper ’25
Heidi - Maeve Sayre ’23*
Announcer - Brooke Rodriguez ’25
Huntsman - Nick Pantano (SJR ’25)
Player One (Snow White) - Emma Neyland ’25
Player Two (Evil Queen, Witch) - Natalie Coulter ’23
Player Three (CSI dwarf) - Molly Casey ’24
Player Four (Snow White’s Mother, Dwarf Stand-In, Hair Salesperson) – Madeline Heinimann ’24
Player Five (Real Snow White/Igor) - Madeline Sullivan ’24
Player Six (King, Big Bad Wolf, Prince, and Evil Queen’s Guard) - Luke Rickli (SJR ’25)
Player Seven (Magic Mirror, Troll, CSI dwarf) - Leila Hollander ’26
Player Eight (Dwarf Stand-In, Red Riding Hood) - Kylie Bryan ’26
Player Nine (Sleeping Beauty, Evil Queen’s Guard) - Riley Stocker ’26 

Directors - Maeve Murray ’23*, Isabella Falletta ’24*
Stage Manager - Lauren Deluccia ’25*
Property Designer - Lucyann Tappan ’25*
Sound Designers - Shoshana Thompson ’25*, Carolyn Sandt ’23, Kara Ignacio ’23
Spotlight Operators - Alyssa Mack ’24, Alyssa Torres ’24
Costume Designers - Lola Projahn ’25*, Olivia Pantano ’25*
Paint Charge - Lauren Grae ’23
Hair/Makeup - Kaitlyn DeMartini ’23
Run Crew - Marissa Albert ’23, Marisa Arone ’24, Chloe Coll ’26, Katherine Ryan ’25, Megan McCarthy ’25

​* denotes the student is a member of the Theatre Arts course​.

Click here for the full photo album, courtesy of Mike Hamlett Photography and Tara Hopfenspirger.