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Fall 21 Soaring Eagle Awards Presented

These awards are presented four times a year to nominated students who work to the best of their ability in a particular subject area. Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Soaring Eagle Awards recipients including, standing left to right, Lauren Plastina’22 (Communications – Ms. Jessi Shaheen), Samantha Tauber’25 (Social Studies – Ms. Julia Clinton’11), Jenna Ghiosay’23 (Science – Mrs. Lauren Tereshko), Caitlin Fritz’23 (Religious Studies – Mrs. Beth Mueller Szydlik’84 P’13, ’18), Kate Menake’23 (Mathematics – Mrs. Liz Kearns P’05, ’08, ’11), Lauren Grae’23 (Technology – Mrs. Teresa Seymour Dolan’95 P’25), and Megan McCarthy’25 (The Arts – Mrs. Barbara Donatacci P’19). Seated, left to right, are Norah Farber’24 (English – Mrs. Catherine Valente P’25), Jessica Guanci’22 (Physical Education – Ms. Shemayne Williams), and Emma Hawryluk’22 (World Language – Ms. Ana Echeverría P’05).
Click here for the full photo album, courtesy of Ms. Patrizia Tersigni and Mrs. Tara Hopfenspirger. Click here to watch the Fall 2021 Soaring Eagle Awards Nomination Video, courtesy of Ms. Jessi Shaheen and Mrs. Lorraine Mongelli.