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Science NHS Induction Held

According to moderators and science teachers, Mrs. Angela Holuba Roberts’05 and Mrs. Lauren Tereshko, “These young women are self-motivated, devoted to their academic studies, committed to their communities, and ever-curious about the world around them. We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things they will do in this honor society.”

Current IHA SNHS co-presidents, Abigail Auty’21 and Freya Nair’21, led the induction of new members. New SNHS Executive Board officers, Madelyn Panebianco’22 and Katherine Young’22, were also named. Mr. Jason Schlereth, principal, gave a touching congratulatory address and Mrs. Lauren Tereshko made closing remarks. Thank you to Mrs. Alice Rogers and Miss Kerry Carroll’04, assistant principals, for attending the virtual induction. Congratulations to:

Class of 2021
Emma Bassett’21
Ariana Contes’21
Katherine Cottrell’21
Emmersen Dabal’21
Alexandra Fassett’21
Alexandra Festa’21
Casey Forcellati’21
Jordan Gaffney’21
Gabriella Karcz’21
Mary Rose Kelly’21
Olivia Landolfi’21
Brooke Marotti’21
Emmy Mazzacano’21
Madelyn Novelli’21
Mary Virginia Nye’21
Anna Salewycz’21
Hanna Scott’21
Keara Skae’21
Isabella Tricarico’21
Annie Kate White’21

Class of 2022
Kayla Arone’22
Kiara Bassora’22
Sophia Bednarek’22
Riley Benedik’22
Abbey Benus’22
Paulina Biagioni’22
Jessica Boyd’22
Erin Burke’22
Grace Calianese’22
Samantha Campana’22
Caitlin Croci’22
Margaret Dillon’22
Gabriella Fava’22
Gina Gaccione’22
Kylie Galiger’22
Katherine Garbett’22
Rania Hart’22
Lindsay Keogh’22
Jessica Kielur’22
Brianna Kuchenmeister’22
Katherine Mahoney’22
Ashley Mariscal’22
Riley McGovern’22
Rhea Mittal’22
Elizabeth Muzilla-Fullem’22
Madelyn Panebianco’22
Gabrielle Park’22
Heerali Patel’22
Lauren Plastina’22
Olivia Raia’22
Jenna Savino’22
Sydney Severini’22
Taylor Terry’22
Sarah Vella’22
Sanaiya Villanueva’22
Isabelle Villanueva’22
Juliana Vitti’22
Christiane Wahba’22
Margaux Yannacci’22
Katherine Young’22
Riley Ypelaar’22