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2020 Virtual Service Awards Ceremony + Parade

Immaculate Heart Academy students consistently blow us away by their dedication to and love of serving others. By participating in the IHA Christian Service Program, students apply their Catholic Christian values through practicing them in projects that expand the students’ awareness of God, others, and themselves.

Click here to view the full virtual 2020 Service Awards Ceremony video, which includes the names of all award winners (also listed below). Details regarding award pick-up will be forthcoming. Thank you to Ms. Jessi Shaheen for working hard on this beautiful video and Mr. Mike Hamlett for capturing these memories through photography.

This year, as we were unable to celebrate our students’ service in person at our annual Service Awards Assembly due to COVID-19, faculty and staff members recognized some of our special award recipients in an untraditionally way—through a socially distant Service Awards Parade! On the morning of Friday, May 8, 2020, more than thirty faculty and staff members joined together to drive by students’ houses in decorated cars, honk their horns, and celebrate the amazing service achievements of these special young ladies.

Two major annual service awards were presented at the parade: The Spirit of Service Award and the IHA Servant Leadership Award. The Spirit of Service Award is given annually to one student per grade who demonstrates a spirit of service, a dedication to helping others that is core to who she is as a person. These students live their lives in a way that makes clear that she values service, not just as a requirement, or for sake of resume or awards, but because the desire to serve others is central to her identity. Congratulations to this year’s recipients, Carolyn Sandt’23, Aniela Sanders’22, Hannah Delfico’21, and Caroline Sweeny’20.

The IHA Servant Leadership Award was first given to Isabella Somera'17, as a way to express gratitude for her dedication to service in founding IHA's PRAISE choir, and to recognize the legacy her service to the IHA community would leave behind. Since then, the IHA Servant Leadership Award has been given annually to a senior whose commitment to leadership and dedication to service were so incredible that they transformed the IHA community. Congratulations to this year’s recipients, Elizabeth Croci’20 and Elizabeth Encke’20.

Despite having all requirements waived because of COVID-19, IHA students completed 29,720 hours of service in the 2019-2020 school year. That's nearly 2.5 times what is normally required, and they weren't required to do anything this year. Additionally, despite this year of service being cut short, 75 IHA students still received President’s Volunteer Service Awards.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award was founded in 2003 by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too. Immaculate Heart Academy honored 44 students for achieving the President’s Volunteer Service Award at the Bronze level (100-174 hours per year), eight at the Silver level (175-249 hours per year), and 23 at the Gold level (250 and more hours per year). Recipients receive a pin, and a certificate signed by the President of the US. Congratulations to the top service hour earner, Raghavi Patel’20, who earned 886.67 hours. Below is the listing of all President’s Volunteer Service Award recipients, in order of hours earned. 

Raghavi Patel’20, Grace Coughlin’23, Madison McKay’23, Isabella Grey’20, Sophie Mendolia’23, Kayleigh Cicala’21, Taylor DiLisi’21, Julia Frengul’21, Ava Poulin’20, Joanne Semelsberger’20, Kylie Waskas’20, Emma Zabransky’20, Laura Rickli’22, Ashley Brombauer’21, Grace Whittam’20, Brianna Romano’21, Amanda Molloy’20, Anna Salewycz’21, Isabella Sabino’20, Molly Schiller’21, Jessica Boyd’22, Elizabeth Granholm’21, and Nicole Gysin’20

Sherry McCarthy’21, Hayley DiLisi’22, Aniela Sanders’22, Margaret Bizub’21, Jennifer Ahn’21, Brianna Mullahey’23, Margot Kapusinski’22, and Nora Kavanagh’22

Emma Kramer’20, Claire Breslin’20, Jessica Kielur’22, Mackenna Olsen’22, Kang Hyun Ryu’20, Marissa Roberge’22, Christine Ajao’21, Julia Linhares’20, Bianca D’Costa’21, Elizabeth Encke’20, Julianna Carrozza’20, Kathryn Stathakis’20, Carmela Cogliano’21, Sofia Ricco’21, Anna Gehres’22, Hannah Delfico’22, Freya Nair’21, Mary Virginia Nye’21, Athena Matthews’20, Gianna Niece’21, Alexandra Betsy’21, Katherine Cottrell’21, Olivia Costello’20, Briana Erik’20, Gabrielle Montegari’22, Riley Ypelaar’22, Isabella Garzon’21, Molly Lowell’21, Elizabeth DePhillips’20, Lauren Buonomo’20, Joan Tejera’20, Gabriella Kittaneh’21, Natalia Hudak’23, Gianna Cilenti’23, Katherine Conway’21, Kaylee McKay’21, Jenna Savino’22, Sydney Lombardi’21, Madeleine Dahl’21, Elizabeth Croci’20, Claire O’Byrne’21, Valerie Hiemer’21, Katherine Young’22, and Olivia Raia’22

Thank you to Mrs. Sarah Shutrop, director of formation, for leading the girls in their passion to serve. And thank you to the many faculty and staff members who showed their support for the award winners. Congratulations to all of IHA’s generous, kind-hearted, compassionate students!

Full photo album, courtesy of Mike Hamlett Photography on Facebook.