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End-of-the-Year/Retirement Dinner 2019

Congratulations and farewell to Mrs. Beda Barnes, 15-year veteran IHA Mathematics teacher, and Mrs. Kathy Hals, 17-year veteran Main Office manager, on their retirements. We will miss both of them so very much! Congratulations to IHA faculty and staff members who celebrated big anniversaries at Immaculate Heart Academy: 30 years: Mrs. Susan Malone; 20 years: Mrs. Vicky Cecilione, Mrs. Terry Skjold, and Mr. John Millard; and 10 years: Mrs. Maria Daly-Valls, Mr. John Downey, Ms. Danielle Just, and Mrs. Lynn Maltz. We are incredibly grateful to these people at IHA who are so very dedicated to their work and the girls they teach and mentor. We are looking forward to another fantastic school year in the fall!