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Piano Donations Thank You!

Janet Martin GP’22 donated a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano that is being used primarily in classes, for rehearsals, liturgies, and special performances throughout the building. Because it is digital, it never goes out of tune and can play other sounds like an organ, a 70s electric piano, and a violin.
Mrs. Barbara Donatacci P’19, music teacher, uses the Clavinova to augment the other donated piano for rehearsals that call for additional instrumentation. Next year, the Clavinova will be used at the Dinner of
Gratitude, Reunion Weekend Mass, and our Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner.
Janet said she made the donation in honor of her “little singing granddaughter,” Laura Rickli’22. “When I attended my first choral presentation at IHA, I was thrilled to hear so many angel voices sing in unison and such excellent soloists, but they were sorely in need of proper accompaniment,” she explained. “My gift to the Performing Arts staff and students will allow these talented girls to continue to grow and develop under the nurturing guidance of the professional IHA Arts staff. May this piano be a source of joy to all who play it and all who hear its lovely melodies in great IHA productions.”
Frank and Lisa Ahearn P’18 donated a Boston Grand piano, a gorgeous addition to the Music Room. It is used mainly during Chorus class and rehearsals, and for student performances. Mrs. Donatacci looks forward to utilizing the Boston Grand even more next year for the new Musical Theater History and Production class, where students will use the Music Room as a "Black Box Theater" to present vignettes from a variety of Broadway shows.

“Our inspiration when thinking about where to donate the piano was to provide a home where the piano would bring happiness and help young students with their musical aspirations,” Frank said. “It was an easy choice for us. There is no better place than IHA.” Mrs. Donatacci said she plans to create more performance opportunities for students in the various vocal ensembles and orchestra, and she can now use the Music Room as a performance space because of these two generous donations.
“Offering the students the opportunity to use instruments of this quality is a great experience for them,” Mrs. Donatacci said. “I have been blessed to have the support of both current and alumnae families for our choral program. The piano donations came just as we needed them most. To teach with instruments like these—new and high quality—is a gift that I appreciate every day.”
If you are interested in donating instruments (guitars and other string instruments are on the current wish list) to the IHA Music Department, please contact Mrs. Angelique Morelli, director of development, at 201.445.6800, ext. 185 or