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Art@theheart Elementary School Exhibit at IHA

Anyssa Merlini’19, opened the ceremony with A Prayer for Artists, and then Mrs. Lisa Encke P’20, director of the arts at IHA, welcomed our elementary school student exhibiting artists to IHA. Each artist was called on stage in the PAC to accept a certificate and a sketchbook as a token of appreciation. Thank you to student-artists from the following schools that participated: 

Academy of the Most Blessed Sacrament

Academy of Our Lady

Academy of St. Paul

Academy of St. Therese

Charles DeWolf Middle School

Our Lady of Mercy Academy

Sacred Heart School, Monroe, NY

Sacred Heart School, Suffern, NY

St. Anthony School

St. Cassian School

St. Elizabeth School

St. Catherine of Siena

St. Joseph School

St. Margaret School

St. Peter Academy

Visitation Academy

Members of IHA’s NAHS carefully considered all work to determine Special Recognition in each grade. This year, twenty-three judges juried the exhibition. First place winners for grades seven and eight were invited to attend an art workshop of their choice at our Summer@theheart co-ed summer enrichment program. First place winners in fifth and sixth grades, as well as all second and third place winners, received a gift bag of IHA apparel and art supplies.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

5th Grade

1st Place: Cameryn Lauretta, Academy of the Most Blessed Sacrament

2nd Place: Eva Santelli, Our Lady of Mercy

3rd Place: John Garcia, St. Peter Academy


6th Grade

1st Place: Calyse Villanueva, St. Catherine of Siena

2nd Place: Casey Nguyen, St. Peter Academy

3rd Place: Amanda Garcia, St. Joseph School


7th Grade

1st Place: Briannah Daley, Our Lady of Mercy

2nd Place: Maya Kingston, Academy of Our Lady

3rd Place: Madison Lamond, Our Lady of Mercy


8th Grade

1st Place: Ariana Chen, Academy of St. Therese

2nd Place: Lauren Grae, Academy of Our Lady

3rd Place: Isabella DeBari, Our Lady of Mercy

Tara Daly’19, co-president of NAHS, said to attendees that it felt like just yesterday when she participated in Art@theheart as a grammar school student. “From my early ages in elementary school until now, art has always been a huge aspect in my life where I can openly express my creativity,” Tara said. “Along the way, I have cracked far too many crayons, gone through unhealthy amounts of glitter glue, and have filled countless sketchbooks. The beauty of art is that there is no right or wrong answer; each time you pick up a pencil, you have the opportunity to create something new. I encourage all of the artists here tonight to continue creating and sharing their new ideas with others.”

Katrina Fett, co-president of NAHS, told the student-artists that art has always been an incredibly important and meaningful part of her life. “Now, as a senior, my Honors Studio class has not only served as a welcome escape from the stress of college applications and AP classes, but also as an opportunity to challenge myself artistically,” Katrina said. “I pushed the limits of my imagination creating abstract works, honed my technical abilities in countless still life studies, brainstormed a mural, and ruined every uniform shirt I own with paint in the process. Most importantly, I was privileged enough to spend a year with a group of women who make me laugh, support each other, and are amongst the most talented people I know. I hope that as you continue your careers in art, you experience is as positive as my own--that art serves as an outlet for self-expression and creativity, an opportunity to bring joy to others, and a bond that creates lifelong friendships.”

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