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Chloe Woznicki'19 Launches Successful Business CandlezbyChloe

Chloe had regularly made printed candles as gifts for friends and family, and she said everyone always loved them and encouraged her to sell them…so she did!

“I was contemplating ways to make extra money during the holiday season and thought, ‘why not?’” Chloe said. “Everyone in my family always comes up with great business inventions and ideas, but no one ever follows through with them. So I wanted to be the one to follow through and see if I would become successful by doing so!”

Chloe launched her business on December 12, 2018 and made more than $1,100 in sales in the first two weeks alone. That’s when she knew CandlezbyChloe was a hit. She offers two different sized candles—small for $12 and large for $20. Prices vary based on the amount of personal customization requested, and each added design is an additional $5.

In order to attract customers, Chloe created an Instagram account (@candlezbychloe) that includes a custom logo and photos of all the candles she has made. To order or for business inquiries, customers can contact Chloe directly through Instagram or via email at

Chloe said she learned from Introduction to Business teacher, Mrs. Christine Cabrera Capizzi’89, that marketing and advertising are the keys to success for any company. “On my Instagram, I advertise holiday sales and seasonal themes and ask that clients post a picture with their candle, tagging my brand to promote others’ interest,” she explained. “I have been successful in connecting with many Instagram influencers with large followings through hashtags and having a good overall presence online.”

Chloe said Mrs. Capizzi also taught her all the behind-the-scenes challenges an entrepreneur may face when starting a business. “She gave great advice and the necessary tools to be a successful woman in business,” Chloe said. “I had truly taken all the lessons I had learned about entrepreneurship into consideration when creating my own business and making strategic marketing decisions that would benefit my brand.”

Chloe is determined to continuously grow her business and make it a success. She is promoting her brand this summer at various New Jersey shore points through craft fairs and flea markets and plans to make themed candles depicting the many attractions the shore has to offer. She has also been in contact with various boutiques throughout the state that are interested in selling her products. Next year, Chloe plans to major in business in college, while continuing to create her candles.

“All my life, I have been surrounded by the strongest of women who have built me to be an independent, confident young woman,” Chloe said. “And in the business world, it is crucial to be a strong woman. I hope to inspire women, especially my peers, to be the best version of themselves because anything is possible if you put your mind to it and are truly passionate and dedicated. If you have a dream or a goal in life, chase it with all your heart!”