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Speech (3635)
Speech provides instruction and practice in the development of effective speaking skills. The course is designed to help students build confidence and poise in both public and interpersonal speaking situations. Activities include: writing and delivering speeches to inform, persuade, and entertain; giving impromptu speeches; practicing effective interviewing techniques; preparing interpretive readings; and participating in exercises for improving eye contact, vocal variety, emphasis, visible expression, posture, and gesturing.

Broadcasting (3645)
This course is an introductory course to broadcasting in which students gain hands-on experience learning all aspects of television news and feature production. This includes working with the equipment in the TV studio and the editing room, and with our field production kits. Topics include managing studio equipment, writing for broadcast, conducting field interviews, and creating feature segments. Students learn to operate and effectively use video and audio field equipment and edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Despite a significant technical component to the course, students learn the techniques of storyboarding and the emphasis is on individual development of clear ideas.

Video Production (3655)
This is a hands-on project-based course in which students explore a range of production strategies as a means of communicating stories through sound and visuals. There is a heavy emphasis on camera work and basic lighting and on how different techniques produce different moods. Students also learn the limitlessness of projects by learning to shoot and edit using green screen technology. Students finish this class with a portfolio of their work. Prerequisite – Broadcasting.

Advanced Video Editing (3665)
This is a hands-on project-based course that focuses on large editing projects with multi-camera setups as well as “the finishing touches.” Harnessing the power of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the students learn to balance and sync multiple tracks and sequences, cleanup project audio, and correct and match color. Students additionally work on preparing their projects for various media outputs. Students finish this class with a portfolio of their work. Prerequisite – Broadcasting.

Documentary Production (3675)
Students study various styles and examples of documentary production in class. Using field equipment, students produce a mini-documentary, which includes researching, storyboarding, linear story advancing, graphics imaging, and critical thinking. Successful ability to work as part of a team is essential. Students are involved with lighting and sound as well as editing and other post-production problem solving. Adequate time is given in class to complete the project, but some out-of-school hours may be required. Prerequisite – Broadcasting.

Advanced Video Production (3685)
This course encourages students to take on a specialized role in order to conceptualize, write, cast, produce, and edit a product of the class’s choosing such as an ongoing sitcom, a drama, stop-motion animation, or even a reality TV show. The emphasis for the course is on collaboration and efficiency. Areas of instruction include storyboarding, script writing, casting, advanced cinematography, and lighting and specialized editing techniques. Students are encouraged to submit their completed projects to local and international film festivals. Prerequisites – Advanced Editing, Production, or Creative Writing, AND teacher approval.

Multimedia (3695)
Multimedia emphasizes both acquiring production skills and understanding the theories and specificities of digital media. The class prepares students for incorporating different types of interactive media by way of introducing WordPress, Photoshop, GarageBand, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other multimedia tools. Ultimately, this class allows students to develop a critical perspective of engaging with digital media and to use digital media to express their ideas, concepts, and opinions. Prerequisite – Broadcasting.

TV News Production (3720)
Students in this course are responsible for producing all content for our morning TV show, heartTV. With access to Associated Press news, photo, and video content, students are tasked with creating meaningful news that is timely and relevant to their audience. Using the TV studio’s TriCaster 860 and a Virtual Set Editor, students customize the look and feel of the show while gaining real-world technical experience. Students who take this course must be self-motivated and deadline-oriented. Areas of instruction include advanced news writing and advanced studio techniques. Prerequisite – Broadcasting and teacher approval.