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Principles of Business (2615)

This course presents an overview of the business system, the roles of business enterprises in the United States, the legal forms of business ownership, and how businesses are organized and managed. Key issues in international business are also covered. The students have an opportunity to create a virtual business, with students working as members of Marketing, Finance, Production, and Human Resources departments.

Financial Literacy (2655)

Financial Literacy outlines the important fiscal knowledge, habits, and skills that must be mastered in order for students to make informed decisions about personal finance. Financial literacy is an integral component of a student's college and career readiness, guiding students to achieve fulfilling, financially secure, and successful careers. This course emphasizes topics including salaries, banking, interest, income tax, investments, credit, debt, budgeting, purchasing insurance, mortgages, and record keeping. This course is designed to develop life skills and prepare students to apply mathematics in their future to make sound financial decisions.