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While freshman and junior students took the pre-PSAT and ACT on April 19, 2016, the sophomore class participated in a different kind of significant activity: IHAu2019s first-ever Sophomore Day of Christian Awareness. The Class of 2018 spent the day partaking in workshops focusing on the systemic problems facing vulnerable populations, particularly those from the organizations with which IHA students most frequently serve.<br><br>The speakers who so generously dedicated their time and expertise to the sophomore class included Dale Williams, executive director of Midnight Run; Cathy Carisi and Thaddeus Orlowski of Camp Acorn, Allendale; Meagan Tuohey-Kay, an immigration lawyer and member of First Friends; and Kathy DiFiore, CEO and founder of Several Sources Shelters. Mrs. Sarah Shutrop, campus minister and religious studies teacher, considered the Sophomore Day of Christian Awareness a wonderful opportunity to create dialogue around a variety of social justice issues.<br><br>Photos courtesy of Patrizia Proscia.